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I am equal parts quirky, resourceful and adventurous in my tenacious quest for good design. I am practical, organized and have a unique perspective in the digital domain.

In my 20 years plus in the industry, I have had the privilege to work and excel at CornHusker Press and then with David & Associates and Idea Bank Marketing, two successful marketing agencies in Hastings, Nebraska and currently at Huebner Marketing, an integrated marketing agency in Loveland, CO managing projects, providing guidance and art direction. Throw in additional 7 years working in broadcast television, I am packed to the gills with experience and technical skill.

I have coupled wide-eyed creativity and meticulous craftsmanship to create purposeful print materials and websites. I have been a versatile designer in many styles and genres. I am eager to always dive into and learn unfamiliar aesthetic schemes and am exceptionally able in traditional and digital design formats.

I am well equipped to speak and understand the languages of the different departments of an agency and am comfortable navigating through ambiguity of all kinds to create clarity. I can lead, empower and facilitate.

I came to the U.S. by way of Hong Kong and Malaysia. Pursued a higher education with dreams of greatness and fulfill destiny in the rites of passage.

Hastings College in Hastings, Nebraska beckoned with its slick ad touting its new communication arts center being dedicated by a then current President of the United States. Arrived at Hastings College on the notion that if the President of the United States has the time to perform a dedication at said College, then Hastings must be “da bomb.”

A pizza diet, communications and art courses became my mainstay. Dabbled with Ceramics as a creative outlet but unable to achieve height on the potter’s wheel. Reality sets in. If I’m going to be creative, I’m going to have to try something different.

Directed newscasts and honed design skills at a local television station. Then a white water baptism in the Royal Gorge shed new light on career goals.

Managed to snag a position that offered more mouse time on the Mac. Goodbye broadcast industry. Hello print industry. Honed technical skills under the tutelage of one called the “Mac Daddy” at a local print company. Became a wiz kid on both the pc and mac platforms. Different means to the same end, I say.

Then the wind blew just so one day and better Feng Shui came calling. Landed a position with David & Associates, a local Advertising and Marketing firm, nurturing design skills and distributing bubbly enthusiasm. New skills in web design developed and proficiency in design software improved, became adept at photo adjustments and image manipulation, finally achieving expertise in Photoshop and Illustrator. Woo Hoo!

Hastings College beckoned again. Roped into being adjunct faculty member. Apparently I have a particular skill set and knowledge to impart on the younger generation. Found renewed enthusiasm and creativity in teaching and dived neck deep into acquiring new skills in glass blowing.

Winds of change came calling when David & Associates scaled down and I literally crossed the street to continue pursuing my passion at Idea Bank Marketing. Then, the wilderness of entrepreneurship howled and lured with temptations of blazing my own trail and setting my own rules. Sharpened interpersonal skills and picked up a new skill set in video production.

Then the beautiful state of Colorado beckoned with it’s promise of new adventures and I re-joined the Agency life. Huebner Integrated Marketing enticed me with promises of even more new skillsets in the digital realm as well as character building in Project Management.

It has been an absolutely invigorating and liberating experience, but the wunderlust in me stirs and I wonder what awaits me in the near future.

Professional Background


Conceptualize, design and execute innovative and creative graphics to achieve company and branding goals. Development of 4-color, print work from logos to brochures to packaging as well as email marketing campaigns and online surveys. Strong understanding of principles of information and graphic design as well as dynamic web site development.


High proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver. Intermediate skills in Acrobat Pro, the Microsoft Office Suite and Prezi. Skilled in developing dyanamic websites (PHP/XHTML/HTML5/Jquery/
CSS/MySQL with specialty in the Wordress environment) that focus on usability and current web standards. Capable of providing software support to clients.


Independently coordinate and manage a variety of high volume projects simultaneously to meet schedules. Work closely with account executives and clients to define and execute project objectives.


Foster climate of creativity and learning within work circles. Provide software support for client. Impart software skills and design principles to a class of 15 as adjunct faculty member at local college.